Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mickey Factz - Who the Fuck is Mickey Factz?

It is finally here! The mixtape is a collection of tracks spanning Mickey's career from In Search Of the N*E*R*D to now. It is an introduction for people new to him and for those who don't know of his older work. Everyone can download it! Shout out to NEJI for the artwork. Shout out to Mickey for the support. If you are feeling this, download his mixtapes on the right side. Enjoy. Share it!


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Honors as of April 29, 2009
Total Downloads: About 2,328
Listens on Datpiff: 1,208
Favored on Datpiff: 21
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  2. I belong to the people who don't really know the older work and fashion of mickey before.But when I see his mixtape and video I feel interesting to Buy Datpiff Plays just to know his past.