Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MeLo-X & Mickey Factz Cypher To Rapity Rap

In this clip Mickey Factz Lets MeLo-X hear his verse for the Remix to "Rapity Rap."

Rapity Rap is a track off of MeLo-X's self produced free album Mustafa The GodKing: Rise of the Merch which you can download here.

The Remix will be featured on MeLo-X's next free project dropping in Fall called More Merch

Mickey Factz - Black Attire (Turn It Up Remix) (Produced by Lucqi Chade)

Came across this one day while searching for Mickey Factz stuff before I joined this blog. He uses the Mickey Factz line "All Black Attire" for the background. I think this is my favorite remix of "Turn It Up". Man, someone contact him cause I need an mp3 of this!

Check out his myspace here!

DJ Daddy Mack edit: Here you go, my friend. If you guys want to check out more remixes, you can get them here.

Amp Live feat. Mickey Factz - Turn It Up Remix Contest

Amp Live had a contest to get people to remix his single off his album. "Turn It Up" produced a good amount of remixes. You could download the Vocals, Background Vocals, and Drums and remix it. Sorry but their not accepting entries anymore. The winner will be announced August 12.

Check out the contest and entries here!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cory Gunz x Mickey Factz on BET's The Deal

This is a new blogger here! Online I got by the name Vigilante and I'm a big, big Mickey Factz fan. I'll be bringing to you guys the latest Mickey Factz news, videos, and other things. I have also interviewed Mickey Factz himself so be on the watch out for that!

They rhyme over an LL Cool J track and then a Pharrell produced track. I think Cory is spitting written though and I know Mick is. Still love them both though. Mickey spits "Mick James"/"Scream Loud" and a little freestyle at the end.

Throwback Part 1

Back in 2005, Mickey was known as Renegade. This music video is from that time. You can find this track on The Leak Vol. 1: The Understanding. Maybe one day you guys will hear some Renegade stuff like the following freestyle battle which is not the best example, I admit. The music from that time is retty interesting, I must say. It's so not the guy you all know now, but he still can rap his ass off as he showed in the promo tracks for the upcoming I'm Better Than You mixtape.

He sure has come a long way.

A look at the Paradise Video Shoot

Here are some pictures from Vibe.

Mickey Factz x Play Cloths - BTS At The Paradise Video from Mikey Fresh on Vimeo.

We caught up with our friend Mickey Factz out in Green Point, Brooklyn where he was filming his first major label music video for his single “Paradise”. Play Cloths brings you behind the scenes.

Planet Ill Interview

An extended interview with Mickey. Here it is in print form.

The Rush Live

Smoke DZA and Mickey Factz perform "The Rush" [from Mickey's The Leak Vol. 2: The Inspiration] at SOBs [in New York City] on 6/30 for Big K.R.I.T. showcase

This is 50 Interview

Thisis50 Sat Down With Mickey Factz.

He speaks on the pressure he had signing to a major, being on the cover to XXL, signing with Battery/Jive Records, dropping out of law school, working with Cory Gunz, rappers in the Bronx, his new single "Paradise" and new album The Achievement and much more! Interview

Mickey Factz chats with VIBE on set of his new video for "Paradise." Talks new album, summer pencil skirts, Nicki Minaj being better than dudes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Better Than You Episode 3

Mickey let's the viewers in to see his creating process with his producer Precize. They're working on a song titled "Doing My Thang." I'm Better Than You is slated for Late August.

Filmed and edited by Steve-O.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Broken Mirror

The blog is back after a year or so of ghosting. With the site coming back brings a new mixtape: Who the Fuck is Mickey Factz? Vol. 2. The tape will mostly consist of loose tracks from when the blog was inactive with various other things. It will be dropping soon. "Broken Mirror" is an exclusive to the tape. Take it in as the two stories in the track unfold. Be on the lookout for the tape here.
Broken Mirror

G-Unit Radio Freestyle

Three weeks ago, Mickey was on G-Unit Radio talking about his new deal and "Paradise." He also did this freestyle.

Coming later today, an exclusive track from Who the Fuck is Mickey Factz Vol. 2.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lead Single to I'm Better Than You

Here is the first official release to the mixtape I'm Better Than You which might be coming at the end of this month.
"Ain't The Same"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Better Than You Web Series Episodes 1 and 2

In episode 1of "I'm Better Than You", Mickey is featured in the studio previewing his new single, "Paradise"

As we return, Mickey continues to show effortless skill in everything he does. He gives a sneak preview of Luv 2 H8, does a radio freestyle, gives his thoughts on his Light Up freestyle and Showcases his next single, "Made".

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Better Than You is Almost Here

Before we get into the rest of this post, "Paradise" is now on iTunes. If you dig it, buy it. The Achievement's coming this Fall.

Recently, Mickey's been dropping tracks to get people ready for I'm Better Than You. Here they are. Click the title of a song to download it.
Bitch I Think I'm

Light Up


Watch Out For The Hook

Need For Speed Feat. Curtis Santiago (Prod. by Ibe)
(This was suppose to be on a Need for Speed video game followed by a mixtape with the same name by Mickey.)

Here are a few goodies from when the blog was inactive:
Big Trouble In Lil China
(This was suppose to be on a 2 Dope Boyz mixtape.)

OnSMASH (Feat. CurT@!N$)

My Name Is Mickey Factz (Prod. by FKi)
(You might remember this from this blog's mixtape. This is the full CDQ version.)

Scream Loud

The Lost Exhibit

Check out a new interview from Plant Ill here:
Part 1
Part 2