Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mickey Previews Verses To His Fans

In case you did not know, Mickey has been taking a "break." If you follow him on Twitter, you'll notice that tonight he talked about the possibly of changing the title to The Achievement. A little after that, he hit us up and spit two verses to a new song he's working on. We stunned that he called us out the blue, but we were even more stunned that he spit those verses out the blue. Trust us, all of you are in for a treat when this drops. After that, he put out a call to his fans to give them a chance to hear the verses. One of the lucky few was stunned as well. The fact that Mickey even did this was dope. Why do you know does that? IT'Z MICKEY! Debut album coming soon!


  1. lol i didn't really think he would call. then and there. haha i was NOT going to faint. lol

  2. It's cool, I was in shock as