Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some More Interviews and Freestyles

PMS Radio

He speaks about his Honda Commercial.

He...talks about being on the cover of XXL & his musical style.

He lists his top five emcees. Also speaks about Wyclef Jean & his mixtape series, The Leak.

Mickey Factz likes to cook. Ask Mickey Factz- Advice Segment. How can you tell a girl is a smut after only a few conversations? Why do all good things turn to shit?

[More advice.] How do I end my relationship with my boss? Why do fly girls end up with mediocre guys?

Mickey Factz spits about the future to Jay-Zs Ignorant Shit Beat. He speaks about falling asleep on the train, getting lost in Washington Heights, & his new song, Pick up the Bass.

RilaxUrMind TV

Mickey speaks on the Big City dis, challenges Mikey Rocks to NBA 2k9, and FREESTYLES

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