Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to Take the World!

In 2009, Mickey was laying low, but he's been working on his debut album, with EA Sports and doing more stuff with Honda. This blog has been ghosting itself for the past few months. Mick's back, and the blog's back. This is going to be a semi-long post, so, keep up.

Back in January, Mickey dropped a mixtape/EP called thedarkphoenix: ALPHA to promote his first single up for sale "Alpha." The project previews the single and blends Mick's rapping skills with the music of French bands Phoenix and Justice. Click here to download it.

Two months later, Mickey dropped his first single "Alpha" on iTunes. Today, the video dropped:

MICKEY FACTZ: ALPHA from Creative Control on Vimeo.

GFCnewyork presents Mickey Factz who brings you his hot new song, Alpha. Directed by Kwesi James and produced by Kwesi James and Alex Bittan. Another production from LOOSEWORLD NYC, edited by Aaron Bennett. Director of Photography by Minka and VFX/Motion Graphics by Ronin/SS.

Feeling the single? Cop it for 99 cents.

In addition to dropping the video, he announced his signing to a major label. What label? Battery Records/Jive. Peep it. The debut album is dropping this Fall. To hold people over, Mick's dropping a mixtape called I'm Better Than You next month with great features. Be on the lookout for that right here.

Remember this? Well, Vol. 2: The Return is coming real soon. It features tracks from the time the blog was away and maybe some other goodies. Stay tuned for that!

Shout out to the fans who have rode with Mickey. WE'RE BACK!!!

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