Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mickey Factz 2010 BET Awards Cypher Lyrics

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What up moolie... Factz of life, shunned tootie
No veins cause the cross bronx run thru me
I'm unruly, word to freeway's sunie
Fela Kuti with the bars, disagree, sue me
Come to groupies I pass off like bob cousy
Your Ralph Cramden don't be mad if your honey moon me
You aint tough wouldn't shoot me playing call of duty
Enforcer, don't care how barbara walters would view me
Word to my aunt ima start the bronx renaissance,
I talk to puns mural listening for a response
Black apple state of mind, I think good,
Got it sitting on my chest, black ink wood
Me and nakim we flip birds on ya, whip swerve on ya,
Slick performer, rich personna
Quick word former, kick dirt on ya,
I'm Neo looking for Lawrence Fishburne's Daughter

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